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Valydate Featured in OBJ

Valydate CEO Michael Alam shines a positive light on the demise of Nortel in the March 7th edition of the Ottawa Business Journal article.

Schematic Integrity Tips

Since our last newsletter, we has been busy performing Schematic Verification (what we call Schematic Integrity Analysis), targeting the early detection of functional and reliability affecting defects in Schematic Designs.

We have put together a brief description of the errors and a short outline of the key culprits causing these errors. 

Teck-Trek Ltd – Meet Our New Partner

We are pleased to announced our partnership with Teck-Trek Ltd. Founded in 1982, Tech-Trek Ltd is a leading Canadian Electronic Component Manufacturer Representative supplying both ustomers and distributor partners with full coverage throughout Canada. They will promote and support Valydate throughout Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia. 

More information regarding Tech-Trek Ltd can be found here

Valydate Featured in OBJ as a Startup to Watch

Recently, the Ottawa Business Journal ran an article noting Valydate as one of the startups to watch this year. As electronics designs get more complex ranging from 100 to 150 pages, manual reviews are simply impossible. Recognizing a demand for automated schematic review tool in the market, Valydate was founded by Mike Alam and Mark Cianfaglione in 2010 to fulfill this gap. Valydate offers a verification process that runs roughly 50 common checks per connection adding up to hundreds of thousands of checks per design. We have been working with top telecom firms as well as those in the defense and aerospace industries; and gradually expanding our customer bases throguh positive referrals. By the end of the quarter, Valydate expects to secure new clients in Montreal, Massachusetts and California. 

Check out the article here to see what Mike has to say about Valydate's achievements and future plans. 


About Valydate

Valydate understands the challenges of designing world-class, innovative electronic products. Specialists in Schematic Review and Validation, our clients benefit from the elimination of design errors and marginalities early in the hardware design cycle where they have the least impact on time, quality and cost. Our proven techniques, process and automated tools are invaluable to hardware designers at the schematic design stage. On average, Valydate reduces the hardware board development cycle by one spin!

Key Benefits:

  •      Reduced hardware spins which lead to faster time-to-market
  •      Reduction in development, testing, and warranty costs 
  •      Faster integration to high yield manufacturing 
  •      Improved yield and decreased field returns 
  •      Superior product quality