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Parallax Sales – Meet Our New Sales Partner

We are happy to announce that the sales firm Parallax Sales has just become our sales partner. For 25+ years, Parallax has provided the electronics industry with high-quality robotics, revolutionary microcontrollers, a wide variety of sensors and a complete line of learning kits for beginners and educators. Parallax will promote and support Valydate in the Eastern US.

SouthBridge – Meet our new sales partner

We would like to announce our new partner, the sales firm SouthBridge. SouthBridge, was founded in 1994 and is currently the largest business development organization in the South Eastern U.S. focused on electronic component design, system sales, and engineering services with 10 sales engineers and 3 dedicated distribution managers. Southbridge will promote and support Valydate in the south Eastern US. More info about SouthBridge can be found at

Genesis Associates – Meet our new sales partner

We are exciting to announce that the sales firm Genesis Associates has become Valydate's partner. Genesis is an Independent Sales and Solution Consulting Organization connecting their clients with leading hardware, software, services and support to realize world class products. For over 25 years, they have been providing their clients with exceptional services and putting integrity, customer satisfaction and value add at the heart of everything they do. Genesis will promote and support Valydate throughout in the north eastern US. More info about Genesis can be found at

ElectroSource Inc. – Meet our new sales partner

We are happy to have the sale firm ElectroSource Inc (ESI) on board with us. ESI, founded in 1983, emerged as a leader in representing Global Electronic Component Manufacturers across Canada. ESI facilitates the everchanging needs of its customers by providing them access to state of the art software and electronic components manufactured worldwide. ElectroSource will promote and support Valydate throughout Canada. More info about ElectroSource can be found at

Valydate – Avoiding Common Design Mistakes

We have compiled a white paper that highlights statistics of common errors derived through our analysis of numerous projects. The paper is derived from a total of 4844 defects across numerous schematic designs. Of these, a total of 2165 defects were classified as ‘critical’ or 'defect', meaning they are highly likely to cause full or partial loss of functionality. A further 2679 defects of a non-critical nature, meaning they could cause product functional disruption or manufacturing yield/long term reliability issues.

The white paper can be found here: "Avoiding Common Design Mistakes" White Paper »

Valydate – DeloitteTM Technology Fast50 Award Winner

We are pleased to announce that Deloitte has recognized Valydate as a 2012 Companies-to-Watch winner in their Technology Fast 50 program. The Deloitte Companies-to-Watch award honours Canadian technology companies in business less than five years that have the potential to be a future Technology Fast 50™ candidate.  Companies eligible for the award must possess the management experience and superior technology that mark a successful early-stage company poised for continued growth.


The full article can be found here


For more information about the Deloitte Technology Fast 50TM program click here.

Valydate Featured in ACTA Newsletter2012

In Navigating the Technology Minefield article of the AdvancedTCA Newsletter 2012, Lance Leventhal dicussed important benefits of Schematic Integrity Analysis service provided by Valydate. This process can find defects in complex boards that even the most careful visual inspection will not reveal. Ultimately, on average, Valydate can help reduce the hardware board development cycle by one spin. 

The full article can be found here.