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Valydate Announces Powerful Design Analysis and Verification Technology

Valydate Announces ValydateVera™ – A Powerful Design Analysis & Verification Tool which delivers time/cost savings, helping designers to streamline design cycles and eliminate respins.

We’re excited to announce our new powerful schematic reviewer, called ValydateVERA™ (VERA), which will allow our customers to gain in-depth verification with time/cost savings and the capability to significantly streamline their design cycles. As schematics become increasingly complex, proper test and review techniques become even more important. VERA systematically improves the business performance of electronic design teams to gain competitive and faster-to-market advantages.

Powered by Valydate’s patented verification engine, VERA is an invaluable complement to the design process which saves design teams hundreds of hours of visual inspection and lab debug time by automating 100+ proprietary checks for each net within a schematic. VERA fully inspects schematics using pre-defined checks and an extensive intelligent model component library.

“VERA has the capability to integrate seamlessly into industry-leading schematic capture tools where clients benefit from the elimination of design errors early in hardware design cycles, when these errors have the least impact on time, quality and cost. Now a critical complement to the design process, VERA is the most cost effective method to fully review schematic design.”

Michael Alam, CEO of Valydate

Proven using hundreds of client designs over the last five years, VERA enables reduced hardware cycles which lead to faster time-to-market; reduction in development; testing and warranty costs; faster integration to high yield manufacturing; improved yield and decreased field returns; and superior product quality.

To learn more about VERA’s features, benefits and to GET A FREE TRIAL, check out our VERA page

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