The Controlled Goods Directorate (CGD) is a Canadian domestic industrial security program that helps strengthen Canada’s defence trade controls through registration, prevention, deterrence and detection, and prevents the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and of conventional weapons. This is done by regulating and controlling the examination, possession, and transfer in Canada of controlled goods and/or controlled technology. Anyone who deals with controlled goods and/or controlled technology in Canada is required to register with the CGD. The CGD is legislated by the Defence Production Act (DPA) and the Controlled Goods Regulations (CGR). Please see here for more information.
The Joint Certification Program (JCP) is now part of the Controlled Goods Directorate (CGD). The U.S./Canada Joint Certification Program (JCP) helps to protect unclassified military critical technical data and technology from common adversaries but allows it to flow to private U.S. and Canadian companies that have a legitimate need-to-know for business purposes. U.S. and Canadian contractors in the Joint Certification Program (JCP) can access unclassified military critical technical data from both countries. Such unclassified controlled data may be necessary in order to prepare a bid response or to perform on a contract. Under each nation’s laws, the U.S. Department of Defense and Canada’s Department of National Defence can withhold such technical data from public disclosure. Certified companies are also able to attend restricted and controlled meetings and can initiate Directly Arranged Visits. Please see here for more information.
International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is a set of United States government regulations that control the export and import of defense-related articles and services on the United States Munitions List. These regulations implement the provisions of the Arms Export Control Act, and are described in Title 22 (Foreign Relations), Chapter I (Department of State), Subchapter M of the Code of Federal Regulations. ITAR regulations dictate that information and material pertaining to defense and military related technologies may only be shared with US persons unless approval from the Department of State is received or a special exemption is used. Please see here for more information.
As a registered member of the Controlled Goods Directorate (CGD),Valydate’s compliance with the CGD enables us to verify products that are regulated under the Unites States International Trade in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Under § 126.5 Canadian Exemptions, in the United States Munitions List, Title 22 (Foreign Relations), Valydate is permitted ITAR-controlled goods export to Canada without first having to obtain a license or other written authorization from the U.S. Department of State. Please see here for more information.
Valydate’s status can be found online here, with an explanation of relevance here. A copy of Valydate’s certificate (#25003) can be downloaded here.


"Valydates analysis service identified real errors before we committed our design. This helped us get to market faster with a higher quality product."

Ben Brown
VP Engineering, LTX-Credence

“Valydates Schematic Integrity service has been very useful; not only in finding some issues, but also as a thorough check in verifying that other parts of the design have been done correctly.”

Milan Fait, Alcatel-Lucent HW Design

“A must have process before fabrication to avoid unnecessary re-spin”

VP of Digital Hardware Eng., ATE Solutions Provider

“The service provided to us by Valydate helps us reduce the risk of going in layout with a complex design strategic to our companys growth. Some findings in the report will save us precious time in debugging and we are confident that this first layout will even be the version released to production.”

Andre Lessard, Hardware Manager, Commscope