June 2016

Valydate is Hiring Again!

Due to the huge success of ValydateVERA™ and the rapid expansion of our customer base, Valydate is growing fast and now looking to hire 5 full-time staff with various skills and experiences to accommodate our growth.

  1. A lead hardware engineer would help lead the Valydate hardware verification team and interface with our clients. 
  2. Two hardware analysts are needed to in the analysis of world class complex electronic designs. 
  3. A software developer is responsible for developing VERA, Valydate's patented verification software tool.
  4. An account manager is responsible for managing Valydate's CRM client database, generate sales and bookings as well as interact with clients and Valydate Sales REps and Partner FAE's

Want to know more? Visit our Careers page for full job descriptions.