February 2015

EDA Café interviews CEO, Michael Alam on Award Winning VERA software

At the DesignCon 2015, Valydate won Best in the Design Verification Tools award with its ValydateVera™ software. On this special occasion, Mr. Sanjay Gangal from EAD Café interviewed Mr.Michael Alam, Valydate CEO in regard to the award winning VERA software.

In the interview, Mike emphasizes that ValydateVera™ is the “first licensable tool to end-clients” which allows them to scan through their own designs net by net and run up to 100 tests per net to identify any errors very early on in the design cycle. Valydate is the leading company providing an EDA tool to the world to do such detailed and comprehensive schematic integrity tool analysis.

Check out the video below for full details of the interview.